EJP Translations


How we help companies with their Japanese translation needs

This is how companies benefit from entrusting their English-Japanese translations with us:

Experience: We offer decades of translation experience.

Responsiveness: Customer service is extremely important to us. We try our best to be easy to reach and to respond quickly.

Reliability: We are never late on deliveries, and we always try to properly understand and meet your requirements.

Quality: Usually, English and Japanese native speakers work together on your translation, ensuring accurate and natural-sounding translations. In addition, we have a separate linguist perform quality checks before delivery, to avoid errors and omissions.

We are a team of translators with many years of experience, specializing in Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese technical and business translations. Founded in 2014, EJP Translations (EJ Patents Inc) brings together a team with rich translation experience at various organizations, large and small. We a highly specialized translation firm focusing on business and technical translations, and the only languages we work in are Japanese and English–our specialized knowledge and experience allows us to serve the Japanese translation needs of a wide range of corporations and organizations.

Our work

We translate hundreds of manuals, contracts, academic papers, etc., each year. Our customers fall into two major categories:

  • major manufacturers, professional firms, digital economy companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, research labs, etc.
  • large translation companies who outsource translations to us.

Obtaining an estimate

Please send your Word or PDF file to us at sales@ej-patents.com and we will get back to you very quickly, with an estimate of cost and time required to translate the document.